Disney’s intellectual property hints at who is really looking to kill bill C-10

Budding funnyman and leader of the Canadian Conservative Party, Erin O’Toole, has refined his stand-up from potty humour to topical.

For May the Fourth, O’Toole shared a Star Wars-themed tweet taking a jab at the Liberals proposed Bill C-10.

Here’s the tweet:

The tweet features the official (and copyrighted) Star Wars theme, as well as well-known Disney intellectual property, R2-D2. It seems a stretch to assume that O’Toole would risk potential litigation for a government goof.

And I think the reality is much more fitting of the Galactic Empire — this isn’t the work of the Conservative Party of…

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There’s a good chance I’ll look back at this piece of writing and laugh about how naive and idealistic I was.

I’ve read account after account of how hellish the pandemic has been for parents who’ve endured months of working from home with their little ones. I’ve been a father for six weeks, and so far, working from home is an opportunity I’d find hard to pass up.

There was a time before my wife and I had started talking about having kids where we were both out of the house before eight a.m. and rarely home before six p.m…

Released in North America despite Ultraman having next to no brand awareness.

I feel like Bandai tried to make Ultraman a thing, but he’s too close to Superman to make it on his own. Plus, the Power Rangers are dressed suspiciously like him, and his enemies are suspiciously like Godzilla and his cohorts.

The fights are difficult and slow and you must end the battle with a finishing move.

Really skippable, but I’m excited to finally get to a title worth playing: Actraiser.

What’s surprising about a lot of these early games is their difficulty — and the fact that you need to read the manual to understand how to play.

I’m surprised that an entire month into the SNES launch and there’s only been a single side-scrolling, level-based game. It really must have been uncharted territory for developers considering the dozen releases have mainly been made up of spaceship shooters, sports, and ports from older systems.

Super Bases Loaded is rudimentary baseball.

For baseball fans, maybe it’s fun. I’m not a fan. Though I will note the music is about as good…

There are some very demoralizing entries early on in the history of the SNES.

It makes me wonder if every next-gen system has these kind of growing pains. In it’s fourth week in North America, Nintendo released two titles, for a total of 12 games so far, and a lot of them are either ports from older systems or sports games, and I would have sworn games like Starfox and Zelda: A Link to The Past were launch titles that gave the system buoyancy, but really it was a dozen floaters.

Populous is one of the best-selling PC games of…

There is a game-breaking flaw in HAL’s golf release for the SNES — if you end up in a sand trap, you’re in it pretty much for good.

While RPGs of the era could boast 40–60 hours of gameplay, one sand trap offers about the same value. You’re only option is to try to shoot your way out by aiming away from the closest edge of the trap, so shoot back the way you came, a practice I would assume is frowned upon in real life golf.

I managed to make it to the seventh hole before getting permanently stuck…

Not quite Gradius III — but the most palatable title of the second week releases.

The second side-scrolling shooter for the SNES, Super R-Type is the only title this week, aside from Drakkhen, to have some sort of a storyline introduction to the game.

The hero is in some sort of space base and is launched into space to shoot stuff. Not the most complex storyline for a game, but at least it’s not just appearing in the universe and immediately blasting.

We can assume the hero is humanoid and pilots the space craft. The enemies or obstacles are either…

I understand that this game came out in the second week of the SNES’ North American career, but it sucks.

Not as bad Drakkhen does, but it’s not great.

Though, it makes use of mode 7, which at the time must have felt pretty high tech. It’s billed as a ‘racing game’ and a ‘shooting game’ and there are no other racers nor is time an issue. It’s purely a shooting game on a race track.

If I’m being merciful, HyperZone lacks a lot of functionality that a game in the last 20 years would have had access. You pilot…

I’ve repeatedly tried to find something to like about Drakken — and there’s nothing to like.

Problematic right from the start in 2021.

Right from the start, Drakkhen and clunky and hard to play. It’s a port from a bygone era when gamers would read a book or pore over the games included materials before and during play.

Originally released for PC, Drakkhen came with a book of short stories written by, of all people, Gary Gygax, creator of D&D. That book would have offered context and direction to PC gamers, but the SNES port aimed bridge that gap in the re-work.

But that all got lost…

Photo by Digital Buggu from Pexels

You learn a lot about the mechanics of journalism simply by showing up and doing the work. A college education fast-tracked me through a lot of the grunt work young journalists learn through, but it’s certainly not necessary. Citizen journalists are cropping up a lot more with better access to platforms and publishing software, but similar to why you might not want to hire a citizen plumber or citizen doctor, passion is great, but skill and expertise is a requirement.

For budding journalists, who may have the mechanics down but are looking to find their footing, these four books are…

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