The ever-growing list of (ranked) SNES titles

In honour of the Super Nintendo’s upcoming 30th anniversary, I’m playing every North American released title for the Super Nintendo and ranking them in a leaderboard.

Some games, Chrono Trigger, I know are going to eventually shoot to the top of the list, but I’m hoping to find some hidden gems, and perhaps even re-evaluate my relationship with other games, Mystic Quest.

Fun fact: in my teens, known Mystic Quest was a very straightforward game I wrote a start to finish walk-through and submitted it to GameFAQs. The game had been out for at least a decade and literally had no secrets.

The Super Nintendo Entertainment System launched August 23,1991 with five launch titles (four by Nintendo and one by Capcom).

The death knell for the platform came on November 30, 1997, with a game called Timon and Pumbaa’s Jungle Games, more than a year after the Nintendo 64 launched in North America. Arguably, the last great game for the SNES, Harvest Moon, came out in that transition period.

Oddly, the very last games published for the SNES is a re-release of Frogger, which is also the last title released for the Sega Genesis.

North American SNES Titles ranked (based on having played them in the last year):

  1. Super Mario World
  2. Gradius III
  3. F-Zero
  4. Super R-Type
  5. Pilotwings
  6. Simcity
  7. Super Bases Loaded
  8. HAL’s Hole in One Golf
  9. Chessmaster
  10. Ultraman: Towards the Future
  11. HyperZone
  12. Populous
  13. Drakkhen